Friday, March 29, 2013


This shoot was intended for the second editorial piece, however as they can no longer be used, I thought I would post some of the unedited out-takes. 
This past Friday Alex Goodrich and I shot some pieces from first year design student Michael Zoffranieri’s, ZOFF collection. The pieces produced by the first year reflects an undeviating gothic tone, with a dark colour palette and long lines, it reads as almost Addam’s Family Chic. Can you not imagine cousin IT draped in that last sheer black piece? Only to protect his luscious coat of hair of course. Regardless of the wearer, the beautiful collection by ZOFF speaks for itself.

ISO 1000, 1/30, F 1.8
This first image we had experimented with pantyhose over the lens to give a diffused appearance, but we later removed it for the rest of the shots.

ISO 1000, 1/60, F 1.8

ISO 100, 1/60, F 2.2

ISO 1000, 1/60, F 2.0

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