Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gradient Nails

As spring season is already here, I have decided to make a quick tutorial of how to do gradient nails.
It is a very easy and fast nail art. I have put together nail polish colours that scream SPRING!

So here it's how we will start!

Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400

STEP 1: Have all your supplies ready

1. Nail Polish Remover
2. 3. & 4. Essie Nail Polish - It is your choice to choose the colours for the gradient look. Keep in mind to choose one light, medium and then the darkest colour.
5. Nail Plier - This is also up to you if you want to cut your cuticles. I personally do to have a clean finish look for my nails. Cutting your cuticles can also make your nails look longer. *Warning* cutting your cuticles can be dangerous, so if you are a beginner be very careful because sometimes if you cut too much, you will end up cutting your skin and bleed.
6. Make Up Sponge - will be used to the gradient part. It is important to have this item.
7. Cotton
8. Nail File - Also up to you if you want to have a clean and sharp nails
9. Wood Stick Cotton on the tip (homemade) - this is to clean the excess nail polish on your nails
10. Wood Stick - is to clean the excess nail polish while doing your nails, so in the end of the process it is easier to clean with a wood stick cotton.

Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400

Close-Up shot of the makeup sponge. So you all know what I'm talking about. 

Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400
 Have you colours line up in order from the lightest to the darkest, so you don't get confused during the process.
Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400
 STEP 2: Just add one layer of Colour 1 (the lightest colour) and wait until it dries completely.
*TIP* To dry them faster, add ice cold water into a container and put your hand in it. It will dry much faster.
Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400
 STEP 3: With Colour 2 and Colour 3, layer them on the makeup sponge, as it is illustrated above. You have to do this fast, before the sponge sucks all the nail polish. Then, dab it on your nails. You will have to dab it 3-5 times in order to have that gradient look.
Shutter Speed 1/4 | F 4.5 | ISO 400
This is the end result. You can also add glitter nail polish, and then a layer of top coat.
(Sorry for the chipped index finger. It chipped right when I was turning the camera on :| )

Hope you all like it and do it yourselves at home!

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