Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toronto Fashion Week: Pink Tartan!

World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week started last Monday and I was fortunate enough to watch the Pink Tartan show. Kim Newport-Mimran is a total genius and I absolutely loved her retro 1960s looks.

ISO: 400, F-STOP: 2.0, SHUTTER SPEED: 1/30
Pink Tartan started off the show with a bang. The bright floral patterns and head to toe pink outfits seemed all too fittingly.

ISO: 400, F-STOP: 2.0, SHUTTER SPEED: 1/25
The model's face wasn't too hot here, (no offence) so I cropped it out. Who cares though, my eyes are totally focusing on the dress. If only I had the money...

ISO: 400, F-STOP: 2.0, SHUTTER SPEED: 1/30
One of my favourite aspects of the show were the leather glove details and the touches of fur Newport-Mimran used in her collection. It tied everything together, especially with the blonde wigs that each of the models were wearing. All in all, it was a great show and I can't wait to see what Pink Tartan does next season! Sam.

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