Monday, March 25, 2013

USED: with Heather Alsen

Just a couple of weeks ago, Abegail and I braved the photography world and dove in head first with our first photo shoot. In the middle of snow and below-freezing temperatures, our model Heather stood poised (and a little shaky) and offered us a great array of shots. We worked with a grunge-inspired look for an underground magazine named USED, and played with leather, fur and ridiculously awesome pair of Docs. Even despite the less-than-ideal conditions, we had a great first experience with putting together a fashion photo shoot and definitely profited from everything we learned in the process.

...a little doom and gloom in leather...
f-stop: 6.3  shutter speed: 1/125  ISO: 200

...fur and grunge...
f-stop: 9.0  shutter speed: 1/50  ISO: 200
...jumping (J)ill...
f-stop: 6.3  shutter speed: 1/125  ISO: 200

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