Tuesday, March 26, 2013

R U fashionable?

During my years in Ryerson, I’ve encountered a lot of fashionable individuals in my program. I always wanted to take photographs of many of such individuals I came across, because I admired their fashion statements and they’re unique styling senses. Samantha, Sophia, and Laura are the people I have seen to have many varieties of styles on different days and I was able to capture them on my camera for my blog.

All of photos are shot at Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: 5 and ISO 400

Samantha Tablada
She pulls her sophisticated necklace with simple, yet eye catching red shirt and black H line skirt. I love her mix and match of casual items with chic leather + jean jacket. She also puts on vivid red lipstick like spring has sprung.

 Laura Oneil
She is a 2nd year fashion communication student. She has many layers of top pieces with nice woven coat to top it off. Her simple white shopper bag stands out as well as her bright skin tone in contrast to her dark colored outfits. Gold finish on tip of her black shoes, gives her overall styling a shiny edge.
Sophia Corbo
I absolutely love her styling.
I Love the way, how the jacket is finished diagonally with leather at the bottom. Her scarf stands out beautifully in contrast with her dark colored outfits, which allows her modern chic look to be emphasized. On top of these, her leather skirt flows naturally to give her elegant look. 

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