Friday, March 8, 2013

Blossom Lounge

"Good things comes in small packages".

That's how I consider Distillery District. Although it is a small historical precinct, there are so many stores, galleries, restaurants and so on, that you can explore and get inspired from.
As I was exploring and appreciating the beauty of the brick walls, abstract sculptures and many more. I encountered a small boutique called Blossom Lounge located inside this little plaza within the district. Some of you may know it already and some of you do not. So I decided to take some shots of the store and show you some of the great things they offer in the store.

Blossom Lounge not only offers women's fashion but it also offers men's and children's wear from garments to accessories to cosmetics. Everything about this store is great! Even though it is a bit pricy for students you can definitely find some goodies or just window shop, and don't forget that their jeans are amazing! a - to the - mazing!

F 4.5 | 1/4s | ISO Auto

F 5 | 1/10s | ISO Auto

F 5 | 1/5s | ISO Auto

F 5 | 1/5s | ISO Auto

F 3.5 | 1/5s | ISO Auto

F 3.5 | 1/5s | ISO Auto

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or pay a visit if you happens to be around there.

*authorization to photograph was allowed.

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  1. More fashion next time please, this is a fashion blog and I know this is a fashion store, but I'd like to see some effort to highlight the garments/accessories in your own way.

    I gave you part-marks for this post.