Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Many Facets of Jackie.

Jackie Evans. Not only my best friend and roommate, but also one damn stylish girl.  The best thing about her style is that she goes from "Gangsta G" to "Flirty Girl" in an instant.  She can literally rock every style, and I'm always jealous of the outcome.
One lazy Sunday afternoon, when it was warm outside and not at all a "homework day", we decided to play Mrs. Dress-up with her closet and shoot some photos in the street outside our Cabbagetown apartment.
I gotta say, the last shot is my favourite because it captures Jackie to a tee.  She is laughing, having fun, and wearing an outfit entirely made by her.  A passerby even commented that she looked great, and that he'd "see ya later, ow owwww."

All photos are:
ISO 300
Shutter 1/320
Aperture F3.6


  1. Hello there,

    Lovely post, just want to confirm I gave the marks to the right person. Last name Barnes right? We only have one Barnes, I just want to confirm. If I'm wrong, send me an e-mail, otherwise, no news is good news.

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  2. Yep it's me. Taylor :) Had to use my middle name instead of my first for the username.