Sunday, March 24, 2013

New(ish) Accessories

My older sister currently lives in New York, over the weekend I’ve decided to raid her jewelry box (let’s be honest who doesn’t’) I've stumbled upon many unique items that I would potentially want for my own collection. 

When I opened her jewelry box the first thing that caught my eye was a watch-it had a gorgeous face. Who knew that you could make a watch unique by just tilting the face!
ISO: 200, F 2.5,  1/60
 After that, I saw this YSL ring that looks like it was marbled and had pink foil detailing. In addition, green is my favourite colour…
ISO: 200, F 8, 1/40 
 Lastly, I’ve always been obsessed with Hamsa. This bracelet has this vintage look to it with other Middle Eastern symbols.
ISO: 200, F 8, 1/40

After an hour of careful observation, I decided to text my sister asking if I could keep these accessories. Turns out she purposely left them for me because she knew I would want them and would probably raid. Guess there's no need to peruse through her things… 

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