Friday, March 29, 2013



This June my little sister will be graduating from elementary school. After some shopping she found herself a dress for her grad and took the liberty in going through my closet to try on my heels, so I took the opportunity to take some photos. To be honest I thought she was going to go for something colourful or satiny or frilly, you know what I mean, but instead she chose this simple white one with cut outs on the side. I have to say I always knew my sister was growing up but I guess I never really realized just how much she's grown these past years. 
ISO 160, 1/15, F8

ISO 160, 1/13, F8

ISO 160, 1/10, F8

ISO 160, 1/40, F7.1

ISO 160, 1/40, F7.1

ISO 160, 1/60, F11

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