Friday, March 29, 2013

Online Shopping for the Win

My roommate has an uncanny ability for finding great deals when it comes to online shopping.  The flow of parcels being delivered to our door is seemingly endless and I find myself wondering how in the heck can a fashion design student at Ryerson University possibly afford all of these new shoes and clothes and snowboard gear?  The answer is that Lana only ever pays what I like to call, "Lana's Retail Price," a very small fragment of the actual retail price.  Lana scours the clearance pages, does not limit herself to girls section, and signs up for e-newsletters to stay informed about upcoming sales, in order to find the Lana Retail Price.  Her favorite site to shop is  These are just a few of Lana's amazing finds from karmaloop and its' sister sites, plundr, and misskl. 

Brand: Dylan Reider
Actual Retail Cost: $120 approx.
Lana's Retail Cost: $25
* These shoes were purchased with the next pair as part of a buy 1 get 1 free deal.  Together, the total was $49.
Image Specs: ISO 400 f4.0 1/60

Brand: Dylan Reider Filters
Actual Retail Price: $103 approx
Lana's Retail Price: $24, as mentioned, these shoes were purchased with the pair above as part of a deal.  
Image Specs: ISO 200 f2.8 1/40

Brand: Vans
Actual Retail Price: $68
Lana:s Retail Price: $58 with a $10 off coupon
Image Specs: ISO 400 f3.2 1/60

Brand: Jeffrey Campbell
Actual Retail Price: $170 approx
Lana's Retail Price: $90 with promotional coupons and discounts

Happy internet shopping. 

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