Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nail Tutorial, a map design

1/30, F-stop 11, ISO 640

1/25, F-stop 11, ISO 640

1/25, F-stop 8, ISO 640

1/25, F-stop 6.3, ISO 640

Here's a nail tutorial on how to transfer a map onto your nails. It's the same concept as the newspaper design nails, however instead of using newspaper just use a map.
What you need: rubbing alcohol (must contain a minimum of 70% alcohol), white nail polish, a map and topcoat. 
Step 1. Cut out sections of the map, so you have them ready right away.
Step 2. After your base coat is dry, paint your nails white.
Step 3. Once nails are dry, have a small bowl filled with rubbing alcohol ready and dip your cut out sections of the map in, one at a time. Let the map piece soak for 20 seconds.
Step 4. Cover your nail with the alcohol soaked map piece. Press it firmly onto the nail until it's fully dried. 
Step 5. Remove the map piece from your nail, rubb off the excess paper stuck on and apply a top coat.
While this is similar to the newspaper nail design, it's a bit more difficult because as you can see the ink doesn't transfer as easily or sometimes it just doesn't transfer at all. I tried several different methods of transferring the map however, it wasn't ever a consistent success. I think the best way for it to transfer is if you can find a cheap map that's thin and where the ink almost seems to rub off. Or even better would be to find newspaper with a map in it.