Monday, March 4, 2013


Black is the go-to when it comes to pull an effortless look! is simple elegant and easy to style since it goes with EVERYTHING!

A lot of people fear on putting an ALL BLACK outfit thanks to it´s "flat and boring" look but there is some ways to pull this out.


Combine any kind of texture leather , fur , velvet and your outfit will become exceptionally diverse avoiding the boring quality of a full color look

Here my dear friend Karina Park shows how versatile and fun combining textures can be specially when BLACK is the protagonist of the story.

Side Note: try BOLD colors for your lips this will give your outfit the final touch ! Karina has RUBY WOO from MAC a matte sultry red color that brings attention to the face despite the business of the outfit.

                                                       1/600, F4.5, ISO 6400
1/600, F4.5, ISO 6400

1/50, F4, ISO 25O

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    I gave you full marks for the post, but please spell check your work before you post it. Remember this is your professional face to the world, your post is laden with typos and strange spacing between punctuations. Just remember professionalism. If a potential employer googled you, this might come up and they would glean you may not have much attention to detail from the wording here.