Sunday, March 31, 2013

School's Out For Summer...

Thankfully, spring is here meaning that summer is almost here with us and I know that I definitely cannot wait. Being able to sleep in. Working more to actually be able to go shopping. Having the time to be able to read for fun. Like seriously. It's about time.

f 5  1/30  ISO 400 

Thinking of summer gets me excited about the weather and the clothes but also about the time i'll get to have to relax, for a least a bit and not worry about the "crunch time" and due dates coming up in the next couple days.

f 5.6  1/50  ISO 400

By staying on track and positive from now till the end of exams,you will be able to focus and set up the right outlook for the season ahead.

f 5.6  1/30  ISO 400

When school is over and your summer officially starts your main concern won't be which class you're going to be late to, it'll be what time in the afternoon you decide to wake up and plan your day. It definitely cannot come soon enough!

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