Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Enchanted in Luxury

A Mondrian-inspired cocktail dress can be transformed into a deluxe look, appropriate for any weather and any occasion. Although there still may be snow on the ground, spring is here. You can finally start to remove the layers of winter and welcome back the more exciting colours and styles of the new season. With the use of a statement necklace, a rhinestone-embossed fur scarf, diamond earrings and ring, and an elegant black coat, you will be sure to stand out, even in a beautiful enchanted forest!

F-Stop 9; Shutter 1/1000; ISO 400

F-Stop 11; Shutter 1/250; ISO 400

F-Stop 11; Shutter 1/250; ISO 400

F-Stop 6.3; Shutter 1/640; ISO 800

F-Stop 8; Shutter 1/1000; ISO 400

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