Monday, March 11, 2013

Capezio & FORA

Over the semester I've been interning at Capezio's head office. Recently, Capezio and MTV Fora teamed up for the new promotion campaign. This is a preview of the shoot. 
The studio lighting changed throughout the shoot (i.e.: different angle of hair lights, reflectors, and back drop colours) and you'll be able to see how below. 

Look out for the new campaign and promotion coming out at the end of the month! ( could win free shoes!) 


I: auto /  S: 1/ 125 /  A:  4.25

 I: auto  /   A: 4.5   /   S: 1/60

I:auto   /    A: 4.5  /   S: 1/60


  1. Posted by Capezio? I have no idea who to give these marks to. Please e-mail me or make a comment so I can mark you.


  2. I'm the capezio intern and instead of starting a blogspot blog I went under the capezio one where I do all my work. I did sign my name though but It's Cynthia Scaringi. I'll create another blog if it makes it easier.

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    No need to create a new account, I have logged the alias into my file so I'll know the next time you use it.

    Yes, you signed, but you only gave my Cynthia. You aren't the only Cynthia in the class. ;)

    I have assigned your marks for this post.