Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lucian Matis FW

Lucian Matis 

Last friday I had the amazing opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the high-end fashion show of Lucian Matis. 

The former Ryerson University student invited for a private show at the King One Hotel.
The opener and highlight of the show was the highly expected BAILEY's dress - the cream liquor brand paired up with Matis and created a dress made of hundreds of broken dark Bailey's glasses.
The line clearly showed his love for fancy shapes, which were also translated in hair and make-up.
Clean and very sophisticated was the hart of the collection, the beige turtleneck.

1/25 - 5.0 - ISO 800
1/25 - 5.0 - ISO 800
1/60 - 4.0 - ISO 800
1/60 - 3.5 - ISO 800

1/60 - 4.5 - ISO 800

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