Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Favorite jewel

This is my absolute favourite jewelry I have ever purchased. It is a necklace from Zara. 
Here are three ways to wear it: first two are traditional and the third look is more editorial. 
This bold necklace could not only be worn for evening occasions but also can be worn with casual jeans and t-shirt to dress up a day outfit.

1/60  5.6  ISO500

1/250    3.5  ISO800

1/60    5.6    ISO500

Monday, April 15, 2013

make your own blue jewellery!

This year I designed and created my own jewellery in Colleen's accessory design class and my colour scheme was blue. Although my pieces didn't turn out the greatest, i learned how to make my own jewellery! 

Sustainable water bottle cap bib necklace 
1/100 f5.3 iso 200 

E-bead cuff 
1/100 f5.3 iso 200

                                                               wire wrapped choker
1/100 f5.3 iso 200 

Levi Strauss & Co. Lookbook

Upon his arrival in sunny San Francisco in 1873, Levi Strauss fathered the brand Levi Strauss & Co. or as we now know, Levi's. The first pair of Levi's denim were created as men's workwear pants which have now evolved into 11 new fits for every day casual wear for men and now cater to women. With specialization in denim under their belt, Levi Strauss & Co. have broadened their expertise and now create jackets, button-ups, skirts, and t shirts alike. Here are a few photos from my brand lookbook featuring Levi's fit 501, 510, and 511.

All photos are ISO 100, shutter speed 1/50, f stop 4, custom white balance


Welcome Spring H&M Style

It is FINALLY getting warmer and with the good weather comes a new attitude at the time to pick outfits! 
H&M latest collection has a lot to offer; here I style lovely model Madeline for a Spring Summer Look book. Full of color and prints , we can finally welcome the fun spirits into our wardrobe.

iso:100 , 1/50 , F4

iso:100 , 1/40 , F4

iso:100 , 1/50 , F4

iso:100 , 1/50 , F4

Lookbook Shots

These are some shots from a lookbook I did using my friends garments with Cynthia Scaringi as my model. I was shooting indoors but wanted to use only natural lighting so I opened up all the windows in the house and used a lens that had a nice wide aperture of 1.8. The concept was very Spring-like, fresh and feminine. I was really happy with the way they turned out, especially the first one with the blurred out foreground.

ISO 200  |  f/1.8  |  1/125

ISO 100  |  f/1.8  |  1/100

ISO 200  |  f/1.8  |  1/400

Interview Season

As the summer comes around, so does the season for interviews. And we all know 
the most important part of the interview: the outfit.  Here are three different outfits that I have laid out for three different types of jobs. 

The first is the professional business outfit, consisting of the classic blazer, a chiffon peplum blouse, and statement necklace, pencil skirt, and patent leather pumps. 

1/50 F3.5, ISO 400

The second is the more casual fashion-forward retail outfit, consisting of a plum blazer, statement necklace, oversized knit sweater, high waisted shorts and sequin loafers. 

1/30 F3.5 ISO 400 

 The third is a more classic fashion retail outfit, but casual enough for distressed denim. This consists of a black blazer, chiffon peplum blouse, statement necklace, distressed jeans, and sequin loafers.
1/60 F4 ISO 400

1 shirt 4 ways!

Today, I'm going to show you how to wear a simple shirt in 4 different outfit.
This long shirt is one of my favourite shirt I got from H&M.

shutter speed:1/2  f-stop:4  ISO: 200

Look #1
shutter speed:1/3  f-stop:3.5  ISO: 200
black chic blazer on top of casual chirt with bootie, classic vintage clutch and blue scarf
shutter speed:1/2  f-stop:4  ISO:200
 grey cardigan on top of casual shirt matched with ripped higwaisted short, red flat and vintage clutch
shutter speed:1/2  f-stop:4  ISO:200
 casual shirt layered with leopard printed top with camel loafer and orange clutch
shutter speed:1/2  f-stop:4  ISO:200
casual shirt tucked in black cotton skirt with denim jacket, flower print scarf,
nike sneaker and orange clutch

A Classic

For another school assignment, I decided to create a promotional booklet based on Converse and the classic Chuck Taylor shoe. Here are various shots I took of my very old and beat up "lo-top" black Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. Granted, these shoes were bought in the seventh grade and I haven't worn them in years, but I think I will forever be attached to them.
ISO: 180, f/5.6, 1/125
ISO: 220, f/5.6, 1/125
ISO: 100, f/3.8, 1/60

Photoshoot Candids

Rebecca and I did this shoot using pieces by first year fashion student Michael Zoffranieri.  I thought I would post a few of my favorite candid shots.  They are not necessarily technically perfect and they don't exactly fit the mood or purpose of the shoot, but I find the candidness of these photos is what makes them appealing. 
 ISO 1000 F2.0 SS1.60
  ISO 1000 F2.0 SS1.60
 ISO 100 F4.0 SS1/30
 ISO 1000 F2.0 SS1.60

do not live in the past, but the past in us ~

During late renaissance the curiosity evolved if it was possible to visual display art through recurring representations. 1837 was when it all came together & this dream was a reality. 

Daguerreotypes were the first displays of this new art form, known today as photography. We have explored the history of film photography through several examples in lecture & it is exciting to know there is a whole other language in the area of film.

Below are Yvonne Lin's designs. Graduated from Ryerson's School of Fashion in 2012, Yvonne has gone on to create remarkable, cutting edge collections that are displayed on an international level. She is specifically known for her innovative style in techniques & precision to detail in every piece. 

I figured there couldn't be a more appropriate way to end our semester in photography. Attempted to experience the beginning of our art, meanwhile displaying a few of Ryerson's most recognized designs.  

 everything old is new again - barenaked ladies -  

f-stop: 3.6
shutter speed: 1/25
iso: 100

f-stop: 3.6
shutter speed: 1/25
iso: 100

f-stop: 3.5
shutter speed: 1/20
iso: 100

f-stop: 3.5
shutter speed: 1/20
iso: 100

& who knew... it was all possible without a single back drop or studio. 

best of luck this summer everyone! 

Spring Coats

This is my friend Tommy. Tommy and I met when we were 5 years old in Ms. McArthur's kindergarden class, he's been following me around ever since. It's an ongoing joke between us that Tommy owns about 15 versions of the same jacket. All of these jackets are black, hit at the waist, and have multiple pockets on the front. Take a look.
Shutterspeed 1/6, Fstop 5.6, ISO 400

Shutterspeed 1/6, Fstop 5.0, ISO 400

Shutterspeed 1/6, Fstop 5.3, ISO 400

Time to Thrift

With the sun making an appearance today, I had the pleasure of sparing a couple hours for some vintage shopping. Thrifting - always being a stress reliever and a healthy break from the books, allowed me to pick up a few fun pieces! As well the incandescent light setting captured in the photos I found to be a very fitting theme for vintage apparel!
All photos shot with Shutter Speed 1/40, F-stop 4.8, ISO 600.

More Shoes!

With the summer season just around the corner, many retailers around are introducing their spring/summer footwear. Slinky sandals, strappy heels and towering wedges are featured in every colour possible. However, for the more laid back, casual gal, I've decided to showcase some shoes that also work year round. 

1/30 sec; f/ 4.0 ; ISO 400
 These Jeffery Campbell's feature a funky cut-out design that can definitely bump up the edge in any spring/summer outfit. Wear with a pair of cut-off shorts and a slouchy tee to create a relaxed look.

1/30 sec; f/4.0; ISO 400 
Dr. Marten's will always be a staple shoe year-round. These floral velvet ones add a touch of femininity to these grungy shoes. Paired with sheer tights and a summer dress and you'll be festive-ready! 

1/30; f/3.5; ISO 400 
Featured here are again another pair of Jeffery Campbell's (let's be honest, JC rarely disappoints!). I love the sleek look of this oxford but with a touch of edge from the metallic heel. Looks great with pretty much anything I throw on! 

Ryerson young fashion designer

Veronica Szeto is a young designer at Ryerson University. She has created a collection of hats for the end of semester and it impressed me. It was her first time to making hat, as she challenged herself to recreate different hat structure.
The purple brimmed hat was inspired by the Victorian era with their wide set brims and the angular shapes that were often associated with this era.

The red hat was inspired by the Clara Bow, a 1920’s silent film star. She was known for her lips, which is why Veronica created the cloche to be tilted on one side with a net covering her eyes so it would accentuate her lips.

The fascinator was inspired by the simple movements of waves, as the pleats represent the waves of the design.

All photos shoot took shutter speed 1/30, ISO 200 and aperture 4.5.