Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion with a Story

I think there's a lot to be said for jewellery with a story. While I was home last weekend for Easter, I had the chance to go through my moms jewellery box and scoped out some of these pieces. Not only do they have sentiment behind them but they also put our Forever 21 and H&M costume jewellery to shame.

1/15 f/5 ISO 3200
The charm bracelet my mom had as a teenager. 

1/8 f/5 ISO 720
The earrings she wore to her wedding. 

f/15 f/5 ISO 2000
The ring on the left my mom found in a flea market in Italy. The ring on the right was given to her by my grandmother who received it from her boyfriend who went off to war. 

1/60 f/4.5 ISO 280
Where she keeps all her treasures. 

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