Friday, April 5, 2013

P!NK in the the air

So I recently went to the Pink concert and not only was the show AMAZING, so was her super quick costume changes. Even though most of the show was performed in the air, Pink managed to do it in style.

 shutter: 1/60, F-stop 5.6, ISO 1600
shutter 1/125, f-stop 22, ISO 6400
No one can look this great in the air!
shutter 1/125, f-stop 22, ISO 6400
 shutter: 1/125, f-stop 5.6, ISO 3200
I thought I would also include some eye-candy for you guys. Love!!!
shutter 1/500, f-stop 5.6, ISO 1800

Overall I loved the show and will probably be going to her next show in November. Can't wait to see what costumes she will be wearing next.

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