Monday, April 15, 2013

Ryerson young fashion designer

Veronica Szeto is a young designer at Ryerson University. She has created a collection of hats for the end of semester and it impressed me. It was her first time to making hat, as she challenged herself to recreate different hat structure.
The purple brimmed hat was inspired by the Victorian era with their wide set brims and the angular shapes that were often associated with this era.

The red hat was inspired by the Clara Bow, a 1920’s silent film star. She was known for her lips, which is why Veronica created the cloche to be tilted on one side with a net covering her eyes so it would accentuate her lips.

The fascinator was inspired by the simple movements of waves, as the pleats represent the waves of the design.

All photos shoot took shutter speed 1/30, ISO 200 and aperture 4.5.

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