Monday, April 8, 2013

Titanium is not just a song by Sia...

Dabbling more into taking photos of accessories, my model Joanne was willing to show me one of her most prized possessions which is her titanium necklace. Not only is it a piece that she can add to numerous outfits, but it is also comfortable and non-allergenic for people who avoid silver!

ISO 400 / F 2 /  1/50
It is easy for a business woman like Joanne to use this necklace on an everyday basis because it is casual, but it also allows her to dress it up at night for an elegant evening look.
ISO 400 / F 1.8 /  1/50
If one pays attention to the detail and the chain links intertwined using silver and gold, it is not hard to pair it with similar coloured jewelry and clothing.
ISO 400 / F 1.8 /  1/40
This necklace is also sentimental to her and being able to wear it knowing that it means something is good, but being able to like it because it's stylish? Even better.

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