Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's in my school bag?

As spring has finally arrived, I decided go over my school bag and clean up a little bit. I never really got a time to clean it up, since school has been always very busy since first year day one.
I took some shots of my everyday essentials for university survival. Without these items I don't think I could have make it to stay at school looking good and organized.


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My go-to bag is the Le Pliage bag from Longchamp. Although it's not the most attractive bag, it's definitely one of my favorites. It can fit almost everything and it supports heavy weight pretty well. It's also waterproof, which it's perfect for the Spring season. 

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 My essentials: 
1) Make Up bag - to look clean and good at school
2) External Hard-drive - to backup every single work I do
3) Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - to stay clean, especially when you are commuting to downtown
4) Mints - to keep your mouth fresh throughout the whole day
5) Sketchbook - to keep the mind flowing with creativity
6) Planner - to stay organized with school/personal schedules
7) Perfume - it says for itself
8) Hand Lotion
9) Markers and pencils
10) iPod Touch
11) Wallet

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 Essentials from my Makeup bag:
1) Nars orgasm blush and bronzer
2) Nars hungry heart blush
3) L'Oreal Lipstick - Pink
4) M.A.C Lipstick - Red
5) Nars Multiple Stick
6) YSL Lipstick - Peach
7) Fresh Sugar Rose Lipbalm
8) Bath and Body Works Hand Lotion
9) Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
10) Perfume
11) Lipgloss
12) Vaseline
13) Hand Sanitizer

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So what's in your bag?

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