Monday, April 8, 2013

The Modern Man in Details

For the modern man, a few tips to look sharp this spring:

Spice up your look with a pair of colourful shoe laces.
It's all in the details, always.
(1/13   4.5   iso800)

Black and grey argyle socks are so last season. 
This spring, colourful socks are a big trend. There is no need to match them with your tie, shirt or underwear.
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Match your pocket square to your tie. Break the rules of folding a pocket square: one fold, three points rose shape or flat fold- you are the boss. 
(1/25   4.5   iso800)

There are no rules for mixing checkered and plaid patterns this season, so have fun!
p.s. don't be lazy, throw in a pocket square as well to complete the look.
(1/25   4.5   iso800)

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