Monday, April 8, 2013

look what I found in my mom's closet!

I love wearing my mom's clothes and going through her vintage stuff especially when it comes to accessories. I often find some great rings, clutch and bags that are still fashionable.
One of my favourite find from mom's closet is this 'renoma paris' black leather purse. It is square with long strap, what I love about this purse is the shape and it hold quite a lot of stuff.
Also this purse goes with every outfit I wear! Wheter it's classic, vintage, feminine, and even casual.

f-stop:5  shutter speed:1/25  ISO:160

f-stop:5  shutter speed: 1/250  ISO:2000
f-stop:5  shutter speed:1/100  ISO:3200
f-stop:4.5  shutter speed:1/15  ISO:160

They are some of essential stuff that I always bring around in my purse. From the left: MK wristlet, fruit&passion handcream, bodyshop lip stain, bath&body works hand sanitizer, forever21 paris mirror, blistex lipbalm, l'oreal lipstick, eyedrop, clinique compact.


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