Sunday, April 7, 2013


I justify to myself that it's okay to buy lots of shoes because I do lots of walking. But technically, the majority of the shoes I buy aren't meant for trekking around the city in. Thus, most of these only come out for special occasions.
Shutterspeed 1/4, Fstop 5.3, ISO 400
Alexander Wangs that are surprisingly comfortable

Shutterspeed 1/6, Fstop 7.1, ISO 400
Edmundo Castillos from the Pink Tartan flagship store at 77 Yorkville

Shutterspeed 1/5, Fstop 5.6, ISO 400
Lanvin loafers

Shutterspeed 1/4, Fstop 6.3, ISO 400
Vintage Church's that I picked up at Penny Arcade

Shutterspeed 1/3, Fstop 6.3, ISO 400
These Alexander McQueen for Puma high tops belong to one of my roommates,
and are the closest thing to running shoes that we have in the house

Shutterspeed 1/3, Fstop 6.3, ISO 400
These Ferragamos have gotten lots of love

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