Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paper Princesses

These are two pieces my room mates, Adrianne Hill and Emmy-Kate van Den Boogaard, created for the Wearable Art Show. I witnesses the extensive process of sewing the dress, tea dying the pages,gluing, glazing and curling to create these works of art. To capture these garments, we took a little trip down to the studio as a household. We used a grey background to bring out the text on the pages of the dresses and used a two light set up,focusing on the dresses, with a reflector to avoid the glaze shine from the dresses dresses.

 ps. You might recognize one of the models...also a room mate. I'm surrounded by models at home.

All Images: 1/80,  f 7/1, ISO: 200


Aren't they beautiful?

- Cynthia Scaringi

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