Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taylour's Pattern Mix

After finalizing plans for our next photo shoot, Taylour and myself took to the streets to take some photos of our outfits. This old school meets new school getup achieves the right amount of
pizzazz. Im not much of a pattern mixer - for the fear of royally messing up - but Taylour did a great job pairing a horizontal stripped 3/4 length sleeved top with navy and green plaid capri pants. 

And can I just say, Taylour you suit those '1950's style' shoes so dang well! 

ISO = 100, F-stop = 5.3, Shutter Speed = 1/15  
ISO = 200, F-stop = 5, Shutter Speed = 1/60 

ISO = 200, F-stop = 5, Shutter Speed = 1/80 

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