Friday, February 8, 2013

What a Good Day for a Whimsical Snow Shoot

My first intentions for this glorious snow day were to get on my snow pants and make snow angels and snowmen galore, until of course I realized snow pants were regrettably not a priority when packing to come to Toronto and work towards a fashion degree (sigh). My guilty conscious instead forced me to do something productive, so I dragged my beautiful roommate Jeanine out of bed and into the backyard wearing her prom dress and all the fur we could find. I'm really pleased with the photos, and she reminds me of a wolf in Narnia or something, check those eyes out... do it.

For all images I shot in f/ 1.8 (thanks to my handy portrait lens I received for Christmas) to get that awesome depth of field, and because the snow made everything super bright I used ISO 100. I shot on aperture priority, so my camera chose my shutter speeds for me, but since there was a pretty big hole (the biggest), and the snow made everything so bright, there was probably really fast shutter speed, such as 1/2000.