Friday, February 8, 2013

Outfit Of The {Snow} Day

I saw my roommate in this bright jacket and lipstick today and thought it was so refreshing to see colour! Especially in this brutal snow storm, where everyone is bundled up in layers of black.
I really wanted to practice with manual focus this weekend, so I took advantage of the snow and Sydney's outfit of the day!
{Above I wanted the focus to be on the snowflakes in the foreground. 1/2500, F5, 3200} 

{We found a big crate to stand on, so she would not ruin a pair of shoes I had switched her into! This would be my middle ground focus. 1/500, F4.5, 1600}

{I put the focus on her shoes from TopShop standing on the crate. ...I normally avoid walking on these, so scary! 1/640, F3.5, 1600}
Im going to lower my ISO next time and I also turned up the exposure slightly for a lighter complexion!

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