Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy and All Bundled Up

Waking up to a Snow day on Friday was an amazing surprise, but when I soon figured out that much more than just the school was closed I had to find something else to fill my time with. Obviously I wasn't going to be any kind of productive so I invited my friend Marny over for a little photo shoot. I decided on a theme of ways to keep busy and warm while Storm Nemo raged outside, seemed fitting of course. What you see below is three of my favourite shots from the day as well as a few suggestions for keeping busy indoors and how to look cute while doing so.

1/60 f/5.0 ISO 800
1/40 f/5.0 ISO 800
0"4 f/6.3 ISO 400

Why not expand your mind by reading a book? You can do it in patterned tights, a long sleeve, and a light circle scarf.

Or, cuddle up in bed with a kitty and browse imgur in a warm, soft, and heavy knit.

Better yet sip on hot cocoa and ponder the meaning of life in a cropped white sweater and dark galaxy leggings.

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