Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Fashion

Upon the arrival of Family Day, I knew that I would be seeing my nephew Nathan. I decided to bring my camera along and document some of his favourite outfits. Working with a squirmy and hyper child (we had cupcakes) meant that a high shutter speed was a must! I found that my sisters home had great natural light, but I also wanted to work with some artificial light so we spent part of the day in the basement where Nathan was able to play on his four wheeler (dangerous). All in all it was a good day and quite a successful photo shoot if I do say so myself.  

                                          1/4000 F2 ISO 400
                                          1/400 F4 ISO 400
                                          1/4000 F2 ISO 400
                                                       1/250 F1.8 ISO 560
                                          1/250 F1.8 ISO 1800


  1. I gave the mark for these to the only 'Emily' in the class, please let me know if you go by 'Alexandra' and I've given the points to the wrong person. (If you don't e-mail me, I'll know I've done it right).

    Thanks! :)