Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purple Dayz

My friend Chloe from Winnipeg came to Toronto over reading week for a chance to visit me and get a whirlwind tour of the city. While she was here she got her hands on a bag she had been lusting after to add to her extensive (mostly purple!) collection. After chatting it up with the salespeople, changing her mind countless times, and doing a quick check of the bank account, she proudly left the store with a new spring in her step after a long day of touring.

ISO 80, F-stop 2.8, shutter 1/320

ISO 320, F-stop 6.3, shutter 1/100

ISO 320, F-stop 6.3, shutter 1/100

Was a very sunny day which makes the light harsh but we went in a old doorway that cast interesting shadows and allowed light in select areas. (Bag - Rebecca Minkoff)

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  1. Hi Haley,

    I gave you full marks as you completed the post as requried. But I just can't resist a little pro tip for you: try the sunny 16 rule next time your shooting in direct sunlight. Remember our last lecture? :) It will get you better results with richer colour saturation and clarity when your shooting in really harsh sunlight (made worse by reflections off the snow).