Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Purse Essentials

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My friends tend to call me the most prepared girl in the world. I’m that girl that carries everything in her purse, kind of like the modern day Mary Poppins.  Here are some necessities you should always carry in your purse:

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1. Headphones + iPhone/iPod
For those long streetcar rides and brisk walks home. It's amazing how fast time goes by when your scrolling Instagram and Facebook creeping. And if you're looking for something else to pass the time, I'd recommend the Dead Yourself app where you get to turn yourself into a zombie. SO cool.

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2. Pills
I swear I’m not a drug addict; I just like to be prepared with Advil, Gravol and Pepto just in case.

3. Wallet
Everyone needs some sort of wallet to keep all their cards and money. Now a days you can buy any kind of wallet; small, big, even wallets you can keep your iPhone in. I picked up this cute little change purse from a second hand store up North this summer. It’s the perfect size, fits all my cards and some change.

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4. Pen
…And if you have a bigger purse, a Moleskin day planner. 

5. Comb
I keep a comb on me to tidy up the flow throughout the day, so if Ryan Gosling happens to be walking down Gould Street, I’m set.

6. Red Lipstick
Brave Red from MAC is my go-to for red lips because it’s perfect for if you’re going out after work/class and want to feel a little va-va-voom.

7. Hand Cream
Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works is hands down my favorite because it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and it pretty much smells like angels, roses, heaven etc.

8. A Snack
I’ve learned to never leave your nutritional requirements to chance. I keep a LARA bar in my purse because they are super high in protein (and gluten-free!) and will keep tide you over. Sometimes you will be stuck in a 3 hour lecture and the prof decides to nix the break. Pass or eat? Eat.

F-Stop: 3.5     Shutter Speed: 80     ISO: 200

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